GEMS Basic Exam Management System

GEMS Basic is an advanced exam management system designed to automate the day-to-day tasks of e  xam generation and question management; it produces random, nonrepeating exams (and associated solution papers for correction purposes) in minutes, containing both multiple choice and essay questions as required.

GEMS Basic is well established within the aviation industry and is designed specifically to automate the production of exam papers for aircraft maintenance training. GEMS Basic generates multiple choice question and essay question exams for EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) including Part 147, Part 145, Part 66 as well as FAA or any other authority.

The exam management system uses a database from which it picks questions for its examination papers. Additionally, GEMS Basic includes advanced database management tools to populate the question database and properly categorise all questions.

GEMS Basic – Benefits

GEMS Basic automates every part of the exam process:

  • Exam preparation can be peformed in minutes
  • Generation of both multiple choice question and essay exams
  • Statistical analysis of results
  • Generation of both paper based and online exam
  • Automated correction of both paper based and online exams (via GEMS OMR
  • For Aircraft Maintenance Training, the Exam Management System meets requirements of EASA, FAA and other NAAs

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