NOSTRA - Small Scale Simulator

The Network Operation Switching Training Aid is a web-based electrical simulation software designed to test the knowledge of electrical trainees on basic electrical switching procedures. The system also serves as a useful instructional aid as it includes functionality for browsing network diagrams and viewing photographs of locations and devices relating to the work environment.

Much of the time and expense invested in training of electrical technicians in the area of power generation and distribution is given to teaching and testing the technician on his/her knowledge of standard electrical procedures.

Due to the potentially drastic consequences of errors while carrying out electrical switching operations in a high voltage environment, trainers must ensure that technicians have an adequate understanding of the procedures involved. This requires a considerable amount of 'On The Job' training.

NOSTRA allows the technician to experiment on a simulation of the switching network. It allows the user to create switching plans and will then compare the developed plan to a sample solution. The system will also log student performance and actions for further reference and analysis.

Tools like NOSTRA have been shown to significantly improve effectiveness and reduce cost of training

Main Features

  • Web based application - Runs over Internet or corporate intranet
  • XML/SVG technologies used. Network diagram can be zoomed, panned etc. Hyperlinks to supporting multimedia components included
  • Switching plans can include alternative solutions and different levels of user feedback are available
  • Different networks can be used
  • Optional interface to SCORM compliant LMS
  • SQL compliant database used to store results and comprehensive statistical reporting
  • CLIPS-based expert system
  • Can be used in classroom training and in distance education mode (time and place)
  • Used for both training and assessment
  • Analysis of usage logs help identify common mistakes and improve training program

Additional NOSTRA Applications

Other NOSTRA applications include:


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