GEMS Fundamentals

ASTech's examination products (e.g. GEMS Type) are for certifying EASA or FAA courses conducted within 147-organisations. There are many situations where for instance in a 145-Organisation, non approved courses such as courses on Fuel Tank Safety, Human Factors, EWIS and so on, need to be conducted. While it would be possible to "shoehorn" such exams into existing systems by adding extra chapters or modules in the subject list, it was decided to provide a separate application for such systems - hence the development of GEMS Fundamentals.

GEMS Fundamentals works in a very similar way to GEMS Type and GEMS Basic and shares most of the functionality but has the following
main differences:

  • User specification of subject hierachy rather than using ATA Chapter / Topic / Section or Part-66 BASIC Module / Submodule / Subsubmodules
  • Up to 4 levels in the subject hierarchy (3 in Type)
  • 5 levels of difficulty

All templating, exam generation, reporting and analysis available in GEMS
Type and Basic is available in GEMS Fundamentals.

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