ASTech's Product Range

ASTech's core business is in the development and delivery of training, exam software and assessment systems. We focus on web applications, primarily desktop but lately also leveraging mobile web applications. Hosting may be provided by the customer or as a service from ASTech.

Our products are primarily used in the aviation industry for pilot training and aircraft maintanance engineers / technicians, Part 147 Organisations (EASA and FAA) as well as JAA/FAA Flight Training Organisations (FTOs).

Our product range includes:

Flagship Product - GEMS

ASTech's  GEMS software is one of ASTech’s flagship products - an exam management system for industry.

The assessment tool automates every part of the examination process, from maintaining an database of examination of questions, generating exams based on regulatory authority rules, preparation of required reports and statistical analysis of results. Both paper based and online exams are accommodated.






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