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GEMS Basic



Lufthansa Technical Training Logo
"Lufthansa Technical Training has used ASTech’s GEMS Basic for the last 6 years. We are using GEMS Basic on a daily basis producing more than 1500 exams per year. GEMS Basic fully meets our requirements for producing EASA Part-66 Basic Exams. Exam preparation which previously took days now can be performed in minutes. Especially time saving is the re-take feature, which ensures that for re-examinations different questions are selected. Another very helpful feature of GEMS is the possibility to implement graphics or digital pictures to the respective questions within a few seconds."

Detlef Schwertmann, Head of Projects, Lufthansa Technical Training GmbH,

Lufthansa Technical Training Logo "ASTech's GEMS allows SR Technic's to conduct Technical Training exams in a much more effective way. With GEMS Basic, we are fully managing the exam process for our EASA Part-66 basic maintenance training courses. Furthermore, GEMS allowed us to reduce time and therefore cost as it is now within minutes to create reliable exams. The exam templating system is particularly useful to define how questions should be selected in an exam. Once set up for a particular course, exams can be generated within minutes."

Daniel Hepfer, Head of Commercial Services - Group Technical Training at   SR Technics,


"LRTT is an EASA Part-66 approved 147 training organisation and part of the Resource Group of companies. We have been using GEMS Basic for 3 years after successful trials and recommendation from our previous parent company Lufthansa Technical Training.

In our experience, GEMS is a very well-structured and user-friendly database system that stores all of our examination data in a secure way and offers a variety of options to edit, improve and analyse the data. Examination papers are created within seconds and are automatically stored against the course they were raised for and archived. Once set-up, GEMS is a great time-saver from exam generation to automated marking and reporting. Personally, I find GEMS easy to use, very reliable and efficient. It is a pleasure to work with and we have great support from ASTech with every question or suggestion for adaption to our specific wishes and requirements."

K. Fitzpatrick, Examination Manager at LRTT,

"The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) Aviation Maintenance Training Centre (AMTC) provides vocational education and training including aircraft maintenance technician courses leading to the attainment of EASA Part-66 CAT A, CAT B.1.1 and CAT B2 licenses. GEMS Basic enables AMTC to manage the question database and efficiently track and generate examinations which together with GEMS OMR enable quick and accurate exam generation and correction."

Ronald Curmi, Deputy Director at MCAST,






SAS Maintenance Training Logo
"SAS Technical Training have used GEMS Type for six years with success. We are conducting more than 1000 exams each year and manage a database with more than 6000 questions. This would not be possible without a stable and effective application. Before GEMS Type, tracking of revised questions was problematic, today it’s done automatically within the application. A great help is the report displaying all revised questions. The report search criteria can be set by the user, such as aircraft type, subject or revision period."

Thomas Jobs, Quality Manager Part-147, SAS Technical Training,

Lufthansa Technical Training Logo "SR Technics currently use GEMS Type for the generation of exams for Type training on Airbus, Boeing and Fokker aircraft and corresponding engines. Here, the system fully meets our requirements for certifying exams for EASA, GCAA and CAAC. ASTech's customer support including telephone- and email support has been excellent during the years of intense cooperation. Software updates are always installed promptly and without any complications. Our trainers find the system very easy to use."

Daniel Hepfer, Head of Commercial Services - Group Technical Training at   SR Technics,

Cargolux Logo
"Cargolux Technical Training department is very satisfied with the overall support provided by ASTech. Incidents (if any) are acknowledged and resolved in a very professional way. New reporting requirements mandated by EASA / NAA were included immediately. ASTech’s telephone and email support is excellent and the training provided on site was highly appreciated. ASTech’s GEMS System together with their excellent support enable us to manage the exam process in a very effective way."

Marc Arendt, Manager Technical Training & Examination, Cargolux Airline,



GEMS Fundamentals



Lufthansa Technical Training Logo “Lufthansa Technical Training has used ASTech’s GEMS Fundamentals since 2011. We are increasingly using GEMS Fundamentals more and more on a daily basis producing our exams. GEMS fully meets our requirements for producing Fundamental Exams, and the different demands of our customers to design tailored solutions has been fully integrated into the GEMS system. The multi-language facility is especially useful as we are able to use questions in German. Exam preparation can be performed in minutes and time consuming preparation of re-takes in the past are now ready in some seconds.”

Eckart Schumacher, Manager Technical Training, Lufthansa Technical Training GmbH,