GEMS FCL Examination System


GEMS FCL is an exam software which automates the management of professional pilot licensing examinations for Flight Crew Licenses, such as the Instrument Rating (IR), Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), and Air Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL). A single installation of GEMS FCL can manage exams for all of these licence types, for both aeroplane and helicopter exams.

GEMS FCL exam software can be configured to use any version of the EASA question banks. The configured question bank may be browsed by Licence Type, Craft type (aeroplane or helicopter), Licence Type, or topic, or by a combination of these criteria. Annex information associated with the question bank may be stored for easy access from within GEMS FCL.

GEMS FCL exam sotware generates multiple choice exam papers with randomly chosen questions in accordance with the EASA syllabi for pilot licencing. Automatic correction of exams can be provided with use of the ASTech GEMS OMR product, and exam grading is carried out by GEMS FCL, using the question weighting specified by EASA.

With GEMS FCL it is possible to manage all steps of a student’s progress, from application to successful completion of all the required examinations for a pilot’s licence. Student records are retained.

Product Overview  

The main functionality of GEMS FCL exam software can be summarised as follows:  

  • Import JAA questions as supplied on CD-RO M from time to time.
  • Generate draft examinations.
  • Modify draft exams e.g. replace one or more questions.
  • Sign-off and prepress.
  • Print individualised exam papers (one per applicant) and solution sheets. 
  • Maintain complete records of applicants (exam results, dates, e.t.c.)
  • Produce school, NAA and JAA pro forma reports.
  • Maintain and print on-demand graphic images, tables etc. required for examinations


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