GEMS OMR (Optical Mark Reader) System is a web application which can read and interpret exam candidate answer sheets produced by a range of ASTech applications including GEMS Type, GEMS Basic, GEMS  Fundamentals, GEMS FCL, GEMS Pilot Type and GEMS PPL. The OMR software takes as input scanned PDF image files. The examination details, exam identity and candidate responses, are extracted automatically from the PDF files.

GEMS OMR allows the user to manually correct any anomalies it might encounter on an answer sheet (as might happen if the candidate has marked more than one answer to a question). Optionally, exam results may be saved in .CSV format files for export to other GEMS family applications.

GEMS OMR may also be optionally configured to provide a “quick correct” facility which can determine the grade for each exam paper.

New Version of GEMS OMR

The recently released new version of GEMS OMR can be fully integrated into other GEMS applications. GEMS OMR can be selected from the GEMS homepage and once the automatic correction process has been completed the results will automatically be transferred into the GEMS database.

Your Benefits using OMR

GEMS OMR offers a simple way to rapidly process multiple choice question examinations. For easy correction and analysis, GEMS OMR  exports the results to GEMS family applications or as available in the new GEMS OMR version, transfers the results automatically into the GEMS database.

No specialised stationary is required: answer sheets may be printed by GEMS family products on standard A4 paper, reducing the on-going cost of operation. Similarly, no dedicated hardware is required apart from a standard sheet feeding scanner, which is already found in most modern office environments.


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