General Examination Management System

ASTech's General Examination Management System (GEMS) is an advanced exam management system that automates the generation and correction of multiple choice and essay question exams. Exams can be delivered paper based and online.

The exam generation and management system is well established within the aviation industry and can be used in any other industry e.g. electrical utility, manufacturing, training and education i.e. training organizations, third level colleges and universities, etc.

For aviation training, the system is specifically designed to automate the generation of exams meeting the requirements of regulatory authorities such as EASA (formerly JAA) and FAA.

For EASA Part 147 approved training organisations, GEMS facilitates the generation of Part 66 exams: Data is sorted into Part-66 syllabus modules, submodules and sub-submodules or according to ATA chapter structures for type training. Further, aircraft type listings and specifics are accomodated.

GEMS is the ideal software for Training organisations aiming for the Part 147 approval as it helps to get approved fast, saves time and costs as exam generation can be performed in minutes!

GEMS is available in several applications:


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GEMS run on Tablet
GEMS run on Tablet

ASTech provides test versions of the above listed exam software solutions. Please contact us and we will be happy to make a test version available to you.