ALMS stands for ASTech's Learning Management System (LMS) and is a suite of integrated applications developed for implementing and managing an online learning environment.

ALMS' main features include:

Apart from use of ASTech's own small scale LMS, we provide services for other LMS including Moodle.

Online Collaboration Tools

What is "Collaboration"?

Collaboration can be defined as multiple interactions that occurs between two or more people for the transfer of complex information for some common goal over a specified period of time.

What are "Online Collaboration Tools"

Online Collaboration Tools are the online tools that satisfy the need for communication, sharing, transfer and exchange, tracking and management of information and/ or knowledge between different people in remote locations. Example of these types of tools are: e-mail, community calendars, discussion boards, announcements, online document sharing and reviewing, etc.

ALMS's Collaboration Tools

There are four main collaboration tools offered by ALMS. These are Announcements, Discussion Forums, Document Sharing and Community Calendar. Other collaboration tools such as video conferencing, web labs etc. are also available or can be implemented at customer's request.


The Annoucements is an asynchronous (accessed at different times, form different locations) collaboration tool that facilitates the upload of news/ announcements on the system.

Content Delivery Tools

The content delivery tools are an integrated suite of applications that allow for delivery of courses via the Internet.

The tools available are:

  • TOC
  • Navigation within each module of the content
  • Navigation between modules
  • Per User per lecture Post-its (Notepad)
  • Dynamical Generation of PDF format Printer Fiendly Versions of the content
  • Tracking of student/ user evolution
  • Last Access Tracking
  • Full Integration with the On-line Collaboration Tools
  • Customisable Interface

Administration Tools

Remote Administration provided which means that the administrator can add/delete/update user details from anywhere in the world as long as it has Internet access and a valid username and password.

Database Services

The database services provided are:

  • Remote Database Back-Up
  • Remote Database Restore

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