Who Are ASTech?

Atlantic Simulation & Training Technologies (ASTech) is a high-tech company based in Galway, Ireland, and has been trading internationally for over 10 years.

Our speciality is in the Technological and Engineering fields, such as Aviation, Telecommunication, Electric Utility, Manufacturing as well as the Training and Education industry.

ASTech keenly listen to and understand our customer requirements. We follow the evolution of regulatory standards in the appropriate industry sectors and leverage the state of the art technologies to deliver cost effective, world-class software solutions such as exam software for aircraft maintenance training organisations:

" Exam preparation which previously took days now can be performed in minutes!" - Detlef Schwertmann, Head of Projects, Lufthansa Technical Training GmbH

In addition to leveraging the most advanced IT technologies for our clients, the in-house expertise of the ASTech staff in the relevant engineering and scientific areas, provides additional value for our clients due to this subject matter expertise:

"ASTech’s GEMS System together with their excellent support enable us to manage the exam process in a very effective way." - Marc Arendt, Manager Technical Training & Examination, Cargolux Airlines

ASTech further provides value added by providing an increased level of interaction by incorporating multimedia, AI / expert systems, web based simulation and intranet database integration.

Our particular focus is on the integration of World Wide Web (W3), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Simulation and Database technologies to provide superior delivery, control and ultimately quality of online training materials.



Dr. Paul Nolan, Founder and CEO   View Paul's Profile on LinkedIn