Aircraft Systems

An example of ASTech's STD work is a suite of virtual labs for a legacy Module 11 (Aeroplane Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems) course for B737-348,448,548 aircraft.

The virtual labs consist of a number of interactive web-based labs using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) simulations used as part of a web-based course. The trainee can switch between cockpit display and annotated schematics. The simulations can be used for operation and for component failure simulation where the trainer introduces a fault and the trainees diagnose the fault from panel reading. The SVG provides scrollable and zoomable interactive displays of the cockpit panels and other controls including active switches, buttons, meters, warning lights, etc.

Subsystems include: Active Components include:
- Electrical System - Rotating Selector Switches
- Fuel System - Push Buttons
- Fire Protection System - Guarded Switches
- Landing Gear - Tiggle Switches
- Hydraulic System - Spring loaded Switches
- Flight Controls - Moving Pointer Meters
- Pneumatic System   - Indicator Switches

SVG is XML based and allows extremely fast download times if accessing over a corporate intranet. The intuitive design requires little or no training and encourages experimentation.

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Fuel Lab

Fire Lab

Landing Gear VLab
Hydraulics VLab
Pneumatic VLab
Hydralics VLab