Product Release of GEMS Basic Version 1.6.0


A new version of GEMS Basic (version 1.6.0) has been released.

The new release of GEMS Basic now supports multi-page scanner ready paper based exams to allow GEMS OMR to be used with 180 question exams as mandated by new EASA regulations.

The new release of GEMS Basic also contains new features that allow the user to preview questions in the Online Exam format. The exam itself can be tested before being exported. Individual questions or groups of questions can also be tested. This means that when new questions are created, the user can see the questions as a trainee will see them during an exam.

The question browser user interface has been improved and users are now notified when an unpublished exam contains old question revisions. Image control has also been improved so that unused images can be removed from the system. Trainees who fail an exam can now be automatically assigned to the resit.


website launch screengrab