Product Release of GEMS Basic Version 1.6.2


A new version of GEMS Basic (version 1.6.2) has been released.

A new feature has been added so that new and existing trainees can now be assigned to classes in seconds, removing one of the most tedious tasks in the exam generation process.

The question editor has been improved with features such as adding reference material to a question. Additionally, the exclusion functionality has been extended, to prevent similar questions from different modules being used in the same exam.

The procedure for uploading and storing images has also been improved to maximise the potential quality of images displayed during exams, when using GEMS Online Exam.

The exam analysis has been improved whereby points can now be granted for questions that are deemed to be invalid after the exam. This applies for a question classified with the wrong level, which has no correct answer, is incomprehensible, is not relevant to the subject, or has multiple correct answers. Among other improvements to the reporting features, the question analysis can now also be downloaded in CSV format.

Exam templates have also been updated to comply with new EASA regulations whereby questions can now be selected at random across a range of levels and subsubmodules, rather than restricting each template entry to a single level and subsubmodule.

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