EASA EU1149/2011-Compliant Exam Generation & Delivery System


ASTech’s GEMS complies with all changes mandated by EASA

GEMS (General Examination Management System) now allows exam generation and delivery in compliance with the new requirements of the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) regulation coming into force August 1, 2013.

The commission regulation EU1149/2011 affects both, EASA Part-147-approved training organisations that are offering Basic and Type training and that are correspondingly involved in Basic and Type examinations as well as license holders of EASA category B1 and B2.

With GEMS being a software solution that automates the generation, delivery, and correction of Basic and Type examinations, ASTech realised the importance of updating the system in compliance with the new regulations.

Accordingly, new versions of GEMS Basic and GEMS Type were released. GEMS Basic is specifically designed to automate the production of examination papers for EASA approved multiple-choice and essay question basic examinations while GEMS Type automates the production of examination papers for (EASA) approved multiple-choice type examinations specific to an aircraft or family of aircraft. The new releases comply with the contents of the new regulation such as:

  • Each multiple-choice question shall have three alternative answers of which only one shall be the correct answer
  • Exam time is automatically generated based on the level and the number of questions entering results
  • Questions can be selected according to module/submodule for Basic exams and chapter/topic/aircraft/aircraft specifics for Type exams
  • Exam Papers of up to 180 questions (Module 13 for example) can be automatically generated and corrected with GEMS OMR (Optical Mark Reader), ASTech’s software solution, which can read and interpret exam candidate answer sheets
  • Record keeping of questions and exam data is kept for an unlimited period

Paul Nolan, Managing Director at ASTech comments:

“Setting the needs of our customers as a priority, we are happy to provide a software solution for exam management that fully complies with EU1149/2011. Furthermore, we are committed to applying any future change to our software solutions that might be required by EASA. This is a great benefit for our customers as they don’t have to worry about the related impacts on their exam management.”

For the pdf version of the press release, please click here.

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