Product Release of GEMS Basic Version 1.7.0


A new version of GEMS Basic (version 1.7.0) has been released.

This version brings improved auditing features. It is now possible to view a list of every user who has accessed a given question for any purpose. It is also possible to get detailed information about every examination printout. This detailed information includes the username of the person who printed the exam, the time they printed the exam, and the IP address of computer they were using at the time.

Version 1.7.0 also includes improved security for user accounts. Administrators may now set a date on which user accounts become inactive. This allows users to be added to GEMS for a limited period of time, or to be made temporarily inactive if absent due to ill-health or other reasons. Administrators can also now view a list of failed attempts to log into GEMS. The list includes the time of the failed login and the IP address of the computer being used. This makes it easier to identify users attempting to guess a GEMS username/password combination.